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کارگاه بین المللی الکتروریسی در کشور مالزی






کارگاه بین المللی الکتروریسی برای دومین سال پیاپی با حضور سخنرانانی از کشورهای مختلف در روزهای 11 و 12 اکتبر سال 2016 در کشور مالزی برگزار خواهد گردید.

آقای دکتر علی عباسی از همکاران این شرکت جزء سخنرانان این کارگاه می باشد.

Since the pioneering work of John Francis Cooley in 1900, electrospinning has become a widely adopted nanostructuring technique due to its versatility in producing continuous fibres to the range of few nanometres. This special characteristic has promoted the use of electrospun nanofibers in a wide range of applications including filtration, tissue engineering, drug delivery, cosmetics, electronics, sensors and energy.

The National Electrospinning Workshop 2016 (NEW2016) is jointly organized by the Centre of Advanced Materials (CAM), Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya and the National Nanotechnology Directorate (NND) of Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) in collaboration with Progene Link Sdn Bhd. This workshop aims to provide a platform for exchanging information on the latest advances and challenges in electrospinning and its applications. A series of public lectures will be delivered by researchers/specialists from IPTA and IPTS on topics related to electrospinning.




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