Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Conventional vacuum cleaner bags are usually made of a nonwoven layer that cannot prevent dust particles passing through the bag into the air. The released dust particles in the air can penetrate bronchi and lungs and pose a severe health threat. Therefore, new classes of vacuum cleaner bags which have electrospun nanofibers laminated between their layers are very useful for filtering the pollutants released from vacuum cleaner bags. Nanofiber layer in vacuum cleaner bag must be laminated by two nonwoven layers as protective layers which is shown in the image below.



The following graph shows the efficiency of vacuum cleaner bags produced by FNM Co. (nanofiber coated) and the other commercial vacuum cleaner bags (without nanofibers). Nanofiber coated bag has much higher efficiency comparing with conventional bags for all particle sizes.

Efficiency of FNM’s nanofiber-based vacuum cleaner bag comparing with efficiency of the used substrate without nanofiber and commercial vacuum cleaner bag and pocket.