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Fanavaran Nano-Meghyas (Fnm co. Ltd.;) was established in 2004 as a knowledge-based company with a primary focus on the development of nanofiber technology and its various applications. FNM specializes in designing and manufacturing electrospinning machines in lab, pilot, and industrial scales, along with blown electrospinning systems. These systems come equipped with a range of accessories such as high-voltage power supplies, syringe pumps, and collectors. FNM's primary areas of expertise include the production of respiratory face masks, air and oil filters for power plants and automotive applications, window screens, vacuum cleaner bags, cosmetic face masks, wound dressings, and more, all based on electrospun nanofibers.

FNM's lab-scale electrospinning machines are ideal for conducting research and development in the fields of ceramic, polymer, and composite nanofibers. These machines offer a combination of competitive pricing and high quality and have been successfully exported to various countries.

In the realm of large-scale electrospinning machines, FNM's technology is particularly valuable for coating filter papers with a layer of polymeric nanofibers. This thin layer enhances filtration efficiency, extends filter lifespan, and increases dust-holding capacity without raising pressure levels. The resulting nanofilters find applications in various sectors, including automobile filters, power plant filters, and respiratory face masks. FNM's nanofilters meet stringent quality standards and have obtained certifications from reputable institutions such as VTT (Finland) and DMT (Germany).Furthermore, FNM is committed to advancing a wide range of nanofiber-related technologies, including ceramic nanofibers, composite nanofibers, scaffold nanofibers, and core-shell nanofibers.

FNM's research and development department is well-equipped with state-of-the-art tools, including a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), a diverse array of electrospinning machines in lab and pilot scales, an ultrasonic homogenizer, and various filter testing equipment.

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