Oil Filter

There are a huge amount of filtration materials employed in the automobile oil filter cartridge, such as commonly used metal filament braided wire mesh, cotton wood pulp filter paper, glass fiber filter paper, polyester nonwoven, various kinds of nonwoven materials, metal fiber felt, activated carbon felt and other numerous filtration materials which are used to separate different particles from fluids. Because of a lot of porosity and the loose structure in the filtration materials to the extent that all sorts of impurities, scrap iron, solid particle and the other matters were capable of wiped out in the process of applying stage. For plenty of filtration materials on the market, there is on lack of monolayer filter material, yet the quantity is less, however, a number of materials possess two layer structure and each layer was hold so together much to form the compound filter material and this structure was commonly employed in the motor vehicle. In practical application of automobile engine oil filtration, some oil filtration materials have a two-layer, three-layer or multi-layer structure. As to the automobile engine oil filter, the filtration materials should be folded to form a lamellar structure and be adhered to the automobile filter cartridge.
With the development of the automobile industry, the usage of automobile engine oil filtration materials is also increasing. However, the commonly used oil filtration materials have some defects in application, for instance, higher pore diameter and pressure, and lower filtration efficiency.
In order to improve these shortcomings of commonly used automobile engine oil filtration materials, one of the frequently-used methods is electrospinning technology. Some companies employ a mature technique to produce electrospun nanofiber and composite filtration materials. The electrospun nanofibers are mostly applied in air filtration and seldom used in automobile engine oil filtration. Coating a thin layer of nanofibers on the oil filter substrate enhances the filtration efficiency of oil filter significantly.