Anti-Bacterial Nanofibers

Contamination by microorganisms detrimentally impacts a wide-range of industries, including medicine, separations, and marine vessels. New materials or surface coatings, like electrospun nanofiber mats that can be engineered to delay or potentially prevent the attachment of microorganisms, are desperately needed.
For economic and functional reasons, electrospun nanofibers show great promise for use as antibacterial materials, because of their nano-effects, including their great surface energy, chemical reactivity, and reported conductivity (i.e., thermal and electrical). Nanofiber mats can be used as a conformal surface coating or as a free-standing material to provide a controlled interaction with microorganisms. Nanofiber mats can coat surfaces and impart their antibacterial properties to the underlying substrate. Because of their highly porous yet interconnected structure and high surface area, nanofibers are a great scaffold to deliver biocidal agents, able to protect wounds while administering desirable therapeutics.
FNM Co, Ltd., can produce different types of nanofiber coated substrates with antibacterial properties which are applicable in a wide range of applications especially for medical purposes according to the customers’ demands. The documents below show the antibacterial activity of some nanofiber layers (against Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus) produced by FNM Co. Ltd.