Anti-Allergy Bedding

FNM’s anti-allergy bedding provides maximum possible efficiency at capturing the allergens and high breathability and comfort for consumers.
Coating a thin layer of nanofibers on nonwoven substrate prevents penetration of dust mites and their produced allergens. The nanofiber layer is laminated between several nonwoven layers in order to protect the nanofiber layer and address more stability for final product.
Nanofiber has high surface area, high percent of porosity and small pore size. These special properties increase the efficiency up to 99%, allergen, bacteria and fungus can be trapped by nanofiber layer easily. High breathability and water vapor permeability of anti-allergy bedding are unique properties because of high porosity and small pore size of nanofiber layer.




Comparison of efficiency in nanofiber-based anti-allergy bedding and PP spunbond substrate.