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Title: Preparation and Optimization of Chitosan/Polyethylene Oxide Nanofiber Diameter Using Artificial Neural Networks
Journal: Neural Computing and Applications
Author: 1. Najmeh Ketabchi, Mahdi Adabi, Seyedeh Sara Esnaashari, Reza Faridi-Majidi, 2. Majid Naghibzadeh
Year: 2016
Address: 1. Department of Medical Nanotechnology, School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Tehran, Iran 2. Department of Nanotechnology, Research and Clinical Center for Infertility, Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd, Iran
Abstract: Chitosan/polyethylene oxide (PEO) solution makes electrospun nanofibers with decreased beads and diameters in comparison with lonely chitosan (CS). The aim of this work was to find an artificial neural network (ANN) model for predicting the chitosan/PEO blend electrospun nanofiber diameter. Chitosan/PEO concentration ratio, distance between nozzle tip and collector, applied voltage, and flow rate were considered as input variables, and chitosan/PEO blend electrospun nanofiber diameter was considered as output variable. Scanning electron microscopy images indicated that electrospun nanofiber diameter was approximately 50–185 nm. For increasing validity, k-fold cross validation method was applied to dataset. The ANN technique was used for training and testing via fivefold of dataset. The best results of prediction were obtained via network with three hidden layers including 10, 15, and 5 nodes in each layer, respectively. The mean square error (MSE) and correlation coefficient between the observed and predicted thickness of the nanofibers in the chosen model were about 0.0707 and 0.9630, respectively, indicating the ANN technique validity in the prediction procedure. For the analysis of interactions between the involved electrospinning parameters and nanofiber diameter, 3D graphs in various levels were plotted. In conclusion, the results indicated that using the prediction process via ANN could be relevant in the decision to produce nanofibers with desired shape and diameter via electrospinning.
Keywords: Chitosan  Polyethylene oxide  Electrospinning, Nanofibers, Modeling, ANN
Application: Optimizing Electrospinning Parameters
Product Model 1: Electroris
Product Model 2:
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