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Title: Survivability and oxidative stability of co-microencapsulated L. Plantarum PTCC 1058 and DHA as a juice carrier
Journal: Food Bioscience
Author: 1. Asma Sadat Vaziri, Iran Alemzadeh, Manouchehr Vossoughi
Year: 2019
Address: 1. Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
Abstract: Lactobacillus Plantarum PTCC 1058 bacteria and DHA-rich oil were microencapsulated together or individually in an optimized alginate-pectin-gelatin biocomposite hydrogel. The survivability of L. plantarum and oxidative stability of DHA were evaluated using simulated gastrointestinal (SGI) conditions and 4 wk storage in commercial orange juice at 4 and 25 °C. The results showed that the multilayer biocomposite had signifcant influence on the stability of the microcapsules in terms of survivability of probiotic bacteria and oxidative stability of DHA with SGI conditions and storage at 4 and 25 °C compared to the free cells. Incorporation of probiotic bacteria and DHA showed the synergistic effect of DHA on cell survivability as less cell reduction was observed with co-microcapsules compared to probiotic microcapsules with storage in orange juice at both temperatures. Determination of peroxide values and fatty acid profles, showed the oxygen barrier potential of the co-microcapsules could provide better stabilization for food matrices.
Keywords: L. plantarum, DHA, Alginate, Pectin, Gelatin, Orange juice
Application: Food Technology
Product Model 1: Syringe Pump (SP1000HPM)
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